Below we provide a high-level overview of the main features we hope to include in future versions of CIS. For a live, more detailed view of each version, and what we’re currently working on – including bug fixes, please see our JIRA report here.


  • JASCIS-101: Error bars on scatter and line plots
  • JASCIS-329: Handle basic unit conversions
  • JASCIS-268: Re-architect the plotting routines to make them more consistent with the rest of the code and easier to test


  • JASCIS-248: An extended, CF-compliant, data model for efficient handling of time-series, time-series profiles and trajectories.
  • JASCIS-303: A new time series resampling command
  • JASCIS-258: Full Python API
  • JASCIS-158: Enable partial data reading of large files to improve performance.
  • JASCIS-301: Include support for limited area models


  • JASCIS-47: Include a vector plot type
  • JASCIS-328: Allow output to KML for visualisation in Google Earth (Engine)

New plugins

These run alongside development of core features within CIS and their priority is even more dependent on community feedback.

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